Keto Resources

The general idea behind the Keto diet is to eat fats and protein while strictly limiting carbs.  This causes the body to go into a state called ketosis where the body has to use the fat stores for energy instead of sugars from our diet.

This article from the New York Times reviews a study that compared a low carb diet (keto) to a low fat diet.  Low carb was the clear winner.

Here is a blog by Dr. Peter Attia explaining the process and also providing why keto might be something you want to try.

This article explains a bit more about the diet itself.

The social network Reddit also has a good number of user submitted resources for keto.

This google doc also provides a simple and easy to understand overview of the keto diet.

Joseph Arcita outlines keto in depth as well as providing a list of his own resources and nutrition facts for common foods.

For those using MyFitnessPal, here is a quick tutorial on how to set up MFP for keto.  We will also work on uploading all our recipes to MFP so you can easily add them to your tracker.


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