About the Sisters

Hello!  Welcome to KetoSisters.  We are the sisters behind the blog, Amy & Holly. This blog was started in July of 2014 to document our journey with keto and to help others learn from our mistakes.

Contact us: ketosister@gmail.com

About Amy:

I’m an International Affairs major and a Phi Mu at Georgia Tech, and I started cooking (seriously cooking) my junior year of high school. I worked in a restaurant for two and a half years, and was captain of my high school’s cooking team for two years.  I am certified by the National Restaurant Association so I know how to prepare food in a sanitary and healthy way.

About Holly (MFP: hollyberry7789):

I’m starting a PhD program at UAB this year.   I have another blog I worked on for a while called Holly’s Helpings so I’ve been blogging about food for a while now.  When not blogging, I love to binge watch Netflix while cuddling with my dog and cat.  I also enjoy ceramics and aerial fitness.  Thanks for joining us!


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